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Everyone deserves a break, more importantly, you deserve a break

If its time for a holiday and you can’t stand the thought of crowded destinations, hectic sightseeing schedules, overeating, and going home heavier and more exhausted than you are now, then you are ready to ‘Holiday Smarter – Holiday Fitter’.

Your 180° Wellness team will tell you, "6-pack abs, weight-loss, anti-aging and wellbeing all begin in the kitchen” How right they are. What you put in your mouth will show in your body, your energy levels, your strength and your emotional state. Sadly the typical diet is still high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt, and low in many nutrients. Even the most careful eater is probably not getting enough calcium, fibre, potassium, or vitamin E, and of course, more of us are overweight than ever before.

Easier said than done right? Many of our clients are time-poor, pressured, stressed, too busy and too tired to break the routine and habits they are in. That’s why our programs provide the perfect reset, to let you do a 180° turn and head in the direction of energy, vitality, calm and happiness.

You want to relax, unwind, clear your head and treat your body well. You are our ideal 180º Wellness client and we cannot wait to welcome you here with us on the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand.

We are sure to have a program to suit your every wellness wish.

One week with us, and you will wonder why you didn’t ‘Holiday Smarter – Holiday Fitter’ before now.

It’s not that complicated, and every program comes with our 100% Money Back Guarantee!