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Amy Lee, Australia

"I think what really differentiate this wellness program from the other programs that I've done is the surrounding of Phuket that it's really nice, natural and untouched. A 100%, I recommend this to my followers."

Erica Garcia, Mexico

"The highlight was the proper preparation so that when I would arrive here, I would already have a plan according to my personality and according to my needs. Wellness 180 by Absolute is completely committed- taken information that you learned so that you could use it back home and continue the wellness program."

Garry & Glenda Solway, Australia

"As we get older, quality of life has become really important to us. We’ve seen so many elderly people uncomfortable, just having no quality – and that’s part of the reason signed up."

Gary Lewis, USA

"I’ve had an amazing time here at the 180º Wellness. I have learned so much more than I ever thought. I joined him thinking I knew a great deal about fitness but I have learned so much more than I ever expected. It has been an eye opening experience for me."

Martin Tolan, USA

"The team were calling me on the phone, sending me emails – really preparing me mentally for the whole program. It was fantastic. I was afraid I was going to be hungry, afraid I was going to be exhausted, I was afraid I was going to be grumpy. And none of those things have happened at all. As a matter of fact, it’s been the opposite."

Retha & Gerhard Swart, South Africa

"It’s our 33rd wedding anniversary and this is our 13th time that we’ve come to Thailand so we had to do something about our bodies. We loved the breathing and opening up of the body. And the massages, we loved that too! And we’re going to take it home. Not only to make it a diet thing as such, but to make it a lifestyle as well."

I felt cleansed and much lighter!

Malinda F

Best thing I have ever done for myself and to do this in Thailand, wow!

Derek H